Third Party Risk Management Consulting Services

DigiRisk can provide a team of local experts to assist our clients with their third party risk and governance responsibilities by providing the following services:

  1. Third Party Risk Management and Governance Consulting Services
    DigiRisk can provide experienced staff to assist clients with the establishing (or refining of existing) third party governance and risk management processes and frameworks. This includes the following services:

    • Conducting third party governance maturity assessments.
    • Establishing best practice third party governance processes and frameworks.
    • Identifying third party risks relevant to the organisation and creating risk scoring models and reports.
    • Creating bespoke third party assessment questionnaires.
    • Assessing third party compliance with contractual terms and conditions.
    • Conducting third party site visits on behalf of clients.
    • Conducting Privacy Impact Assessments.
  2. DigiRisk provides consulting services to assist clients with the set up and configuration of our Triplicity (TPRM) software. This includes;
    • Assisting with third party and contract data collection.
    • Data take-on of existing third party data.
    • Designing and configuring risk and diligence assessments relevant to the client’s business requirements.
    • Configuration of risk ratings and scoring aligned with the client’s risk management methodology.
    • Configuration of all workflow and automated tasks.
    • Configuration of reports to support all stakeholder levels